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Mini Repair

Mini Repair ; It is the repair process of the damage to the vehicles within the dimensional limits determined in the insurance policies. The mini repair clause is the whole of the services that the vehicle owner receives free of charge, in which minor damage to the body, paint, interior trim, windshield, plastic bumpers is repaired within the scope of the insurance policy.

Mobile Repair

Damages such as breaking, crushing, scratching and deformation occur in the parts on the vehicle due to the accidents that the vehicles are exposed to while driving or parked. These vehicles are brought to the ALC Service centers in the province where the damaged parts are left for repair by automotive repair companies, by Mobile Service Vehicles.

Damage Repair

''Does not change We are repairing, We protect'' Based on the principle of competitive labor pricing, we provide significant savings in your Damage Repairs. We minimize the loss of time in the supply part with our maximum repair service instead of minimum spare part replacement due to damage to your vehicles.


    “My problem was solved with the responsible and sensitive behavior of the General Directorate of ALC Services. Thank you."

    Vedat's Thank You Message

      "I had a mini-repair on my vehicle from insurance, they took care of it within hours, very nice workmanship"

      Emirhan B.

        "Experienced quality workmanship and friendly service"

        Fatih B.

          "Definitely, the employees are very interested, I did not have any problems with workmanship. Their only problem is that they are very busy, they cannot get to work because of this intensity. Well done to the veteran employees."

          Ahmet S.

            "I would like to thank Ms. Havva for her interest and concern. She definitely does everything she can to not make you suffer. While they don't look at you in other services, Ms. Havva definitely deserves much better places with her smile and sincerity."

            Refik T.

              "Adept at repairing dents without paint. They have contracts with many insurance companies. There is even a no-claim agreement with 5-6 companies. So both have repair and insurance coverage."

              Yavuz Ç.

                "A corporate company that gives importance to human communication and creates quick solutions to problems"

                Volkan D.

                Our Business Partners