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Mobile Repair

Damages such as breaking, crushing, scratching and deformation occur in the parts on the vehicle due to the accidents that the vehicles are exposed to while driving or parked. These vehicles are brought to the ALC Service centers in the province where the damaged parts are left for repair by automotive repair companies, by Mobile Service Vehicles. Depending on the damage on the parts, after the repair that will be brought to the closest originality with special repair techniques, Quality Control test is performed and delivered back to the relevant repair company.
Damaged parts repaired by ALC Service special repair methods are covered by a two-year warranty. Guaranteed repaired parts have contributed to the national economy due to mobile repair, and have shown that they are sensitive to the environment by providing recycling with their success in repair techniques.

What Does It Cover?

“ALC Radiator Group Repair” service covers light alloy metal and plastics such as dents, tears, deformations, cracks, broken, missing parts formed on radiator parts as a result of external impacts. repairing the damage and restoring the radiator (damage detection- sealing test-repair-paint-final inspection-packaging-delivery).
The purpose of the radiator repair is to cool the radiator before the damage after the repair. to maintain its capacity and function.

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