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Mini Repair

Mini Repair ; It is the repair process of the damage to the vehicles within the dimensional limits determined in the insurance policies. The mini repair clause is the whole of the services that the vehicle owner receives free of charge, in which minor damage to the body, paint, interior trim, windshield, plastic bumpers is repaired within the scope of the insurance policy.

What Does It Cover?

Paint Damaged Body Dent Repair (DR) is the treatment of dents, dents and dents on the sheet metal and/or aluminum body parts of the vehicle as a result of external impacts, where the paint is damaged; It is the process of restoring it by correcting with “Centered Dent Pulling” and conventional body repair techniques.
In the “Paint Damaged Body Dent Repair” process, only dents, dents and dents are removed from the body. correction and correction is done. Body trimming for complete repair of damage After the process, the area should be finished with the “ALC Paint Repair” process.

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