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Hail Damage Repair

We repair the dents that occur on the vehicle due to hail, without the need for paint.
While performing this service, which requires mastery and care, we make your vehicle look undamaged with the special methods applied.
Due to global warming, our country is exposed to excessive precipitation and unusual weather conditions.
Hail precipitation also occurs as a result of sudden air temperature changes and has been increasing in recent years.
A large number of vehicles that cannot find parking in the closed area are damaged due to the hail and dozens of dents occur on the hood.
If the necessary mastery and care is not taken in the repair of hail damage, traces remain on the vehicle and cause a loss of value. This service, which requires special care, is carried out by ALC service meticulously and ensures that the body of the vehicle is as it was on the first day.
As Alc service, we provide full repair service all over our country. You can benefit from the Alc service points through the insurance companies we have contracted with or by making an appointment for the rain individually.

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